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DIY Ways to Examine Your Car for Problems

In trying my level best to live a life that is more economical, I am getting better at handling different projects that I previously had professionals doing and getting huge payments for the same. Additionally, I have also found out that working on home improvement projects is not the only way in which I can save my hard-earned money. Knowing about DIY ways of examining my car for problems and taking on certain auto repair tasks myself will also help me in saving a lot of money. Trust me; I do not know anything about auto repairs and examining cars for problems. I am not very mechanically inclined either. However, I have managed to find DIY methods that can be used for examining cars for problems. These methods can be used by almost anyone easily and quickly and that too without putting in a lot of effort or money. In the recent times, automobiles can tell you everything about the way in which they are working, thanks to the affordable OBD2 scan tools.

If you learn how to examine your car for problems, then you might not have to spend a huge amount of money on car repairs. Car repairs go beyond cleaning the carburetor and changing tires. The cars of the present times are computers running on wheels. There are different DIY methods that you can use for catching fault cues and diagnosing problems before the problems worsen. The present day automobiles are quite complicated and repairing any problems in these automobiles requires a degree in automobile engineering. However, this is not true. Yes, the cars of the modern times are electronically complicated, but inbuilt diagnostics come as an integral part of this deal.

OBD or On-Board Diagnostics is a functionality that comes as a response to the mandate that required all automobiles to be able to monitor emissions-related mechanisms. The use of scan OBD scan tools can help you in examining your car for major and minor problems quickly and easily at the same time. OBD2 can also report data like throttle position, brake position, and vehicle speed. Therefore, it is one of the handiest tools for troubleshooting car problems. The parents of teenage drivers, fleet managers, and insurance companies can make the effective use of OBD scan tools for logging data regarding driving habits.

Other DIY methods can also be used for examining a car for problems. Multimeters can effectively be used for checking the output voltage of the sensors used in cars for verifying if faulty wiring or certain bad parts have created put-of-specification signals resulting in great problems.

If you find that the engine of your car is running in bad condition, it is a problem related to spark, fuel or air. You can make use of a vacuum pressure gauge for covering the air department. This will enable you to work through the maze vacuum lines for tracking down a cracked or leak tube that might be throwing things off.

Always try learning new skills when it comes to diagnosing your car for problems. Teach these skills to others and save some money at the same time.

Home Buying Tips for Maineke Car Care Bowl Lovers

A home is a place where you do not only feel secure and safe but you can also find all the facilities that are important for one to survive. There are several things that people consider when they go to buy a home such as the overall look of the home, resale value, and many other relevant things. But the situation is a lot more different for Maineke Car Care Lovers.

If you’re a Maineke Car Care Bowl lover and want to buy a house, your priorities will be different than other homebuyers. You’ll have to consider several aspects that other home buyers don’t even think of.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t care about the value or other important things but we’re saying that there will be a huge difference in your priorities and theirs if you’re a real Maineke Car Care Lover.

If you want to know that what should be the priorities of Maineke Car Care Bowl Lovers when buying a home, then take a look at these amazing tips Sponsored by Homecity Real Estate Austin and Sarah Williams Realty.

You’ll get to know a lot of important things that you never thought of before. Let’s take a look at the tips.

Strong Material

The house you’re going to buy should be built with the strong material otherwise, you’ll get into trouble every day. Every part of the house should have been made of strong material so that it may sustain bowl hits. The floor of the house should be made of hardwood otherwise, scratches will start appearing on the floor and some parts of the floor may also get broken due to hard hits.

Nearby playground

There must be a playground near the house where you can go and play your game. It will help you live your passion and you’ll also be able to improve your game. Going to the playground will help you make some new friends in the area and you’ll be able to enjoy your moments with these new friends.

Thus, you’ll get to know the people of this new area and you’ll be able to build new relationships here. Friends are life and they always make you feel alive.

Nearby Stadium

If there’s a Maineke Car Care Bowl stadium near the house, then it’s a golden opportunity for you. You’ll not have to drive for hours to go and see the match. You’ll also get the chance to meet several professional players who come to practice their skills here.

Some of the stadiums also offer different opportunities where you get the chance to learn from the professionals. Learning from the professionals is always the best way to improve your game.

These are the most important factors that you must consider when you’re going to buy a new house.

Stay fit and healthy with the fitness trackers

People who are on diet, tend to feel less active as compared to the people who are keeping an eye on their diet and calories with the help of fitness tracker. Trackers help you stay aware and they keep you active at the time of eating and workout.

Let’s have a look at the top waterproof fitness trackers by through which you can keep an eye on your body and calorie count.


This tracker is suitable for the people who want to lose the weight as soon as possible and who want to keep a record of their activities throughout the day. The look of the tracker is also amazing.

It will help you determine your calorie count, track sleep and your body problem. The battery of the tracker is also reliable for the 6 months and the sophisticated design is good to use anywhere.


This tracker is best for the people who like to surf in the water. You will be able to get this watch in $400. You can consistently check your activity with the help of this tracker, even when you’re on an adventurous tour.

It helps you determine the stats of your body when you’re in the water. It will keep you informed about your body stats and it will help you keep a track of what you’ve done so far.


The best thing about the band is that it can be exchanged with the bracelet if you want. It will continuously help you measure the effects of the water as long as you’re in the water.

You will be able to have this watch in just $80 which is quite convenient. It is easily affordable and it will work for a long time. The battery time of the tracker is also durable.


This tracker is best for the people who are doing a desk job. This is suitable when you sit all the day in office and need something to remind you that it’s time to move and have some walk.

This tracker is going to vibrate after every single hour when you are sitting still and working. The price of the tracker is $145. It will also help in monitoring your heart rate so you can keep a record of your health stats.


This is a one-piece solution for all your tech needs. You can keep an eye on your health, business, phone, and everything with the help of this amazing device. This tracker is expensive and the price range of the Samsung Galaxy gear S2 is $299 – $450.

You can also have a number of applications in it which can help you determine the other important things in your body as well and you will be able to achieve your goal for the day. You can stay fit for a long time and this tracker is a long-term solution for you.

Ways You Can Get Back In Your Car If You’ve Been Locked Out

Mistakes are made by everyone, and sometimes we’re in a rush and accidentally lock the keys inside of our car.  It’s a horrible feeling, but it’s happened to just about everyone. We all wish we could just get a car key replacement at the drop of a hat, but that can often times be expensive and time consuming. One of the old sponsors of the Meineke bowl, the car key replacement services by DML Lockmiths in Plano, say that the average cost of a replacement is over $200.  However, when you mistakenly get locked out and you need to break into your car. there are several ways you can get into your car without breaking or damaging anything. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite ways to get back into your car if you’ve been locked out.

Unlock your car Manually from Inside

It is very possible to open up your car using a wedge like tool. many cars can be open slightly enough to allow the slide in of a metal object. The first thing you need to do is to hold the edge of the door with a wedge or any tool that can hold open the top of the door you bent. Slowly slide the thin metal or hanger through the opening and carefully try to grab the locking pin and pull it till the door opens up.

Unlock your car with Automatic lock from the Inside

Opening a car with an automatic lock inside is a little more difficult than the manual car lock. The difficulty is dependent on two things. Which is how easy you can open the top of the car and where the door lock is located in the car.

The first thing you need to do is to locate where the door lock is, then use a hanger after slightly opening the top of the the door. Side in the hanger and just make sure you press the unlock button.

Unlock your car from the lower window part

The first two methods involved sliding the metal from the top of the door window, but here you will slide the metal from the lower part of the window. The risk here is that you can damage something but it is the fastest also since you can locate the unlock pin faster. Use a slim metal and slide it through the lower part of the door and locate the lock. You need to be aware that this method is not not recommended for an automatic car in other not to cause damage in the car.

You can also unlock through the Truck

Cars with manual lock might sometimes have their truck not lock even when the doors are locked. The first thing to do is to look for any opening through the truck.once you find an opening, slide into the opening a metal that is long enough to be able to locate the lock. once you get the lock just hook it with the metal and pull .



How to extend the life of car battery?

Car batteries hold of great importance when you spend most your day in a car for the traveling or work purpose. Many people are tired of the problems regarding the batteries and they don’t know how to get rid of this problem.

We are guiding you about how you can increase the life of a car battery just by following simple steps. You can keep yourself away from the problems.


When you are about to choose the best car battery then make sure that you are inspecting it on the closing level. Make sure that the wiring of the batteries is reliable and you can make it run for the long term use.


When you drive a lot then, of course, you don’t have time to see the car time to time but at the end of the day, it’s important to inspect the battery. You should see the terminals and others parts carefully if they have any kind of corrosion.

It would be great that if you clean your car battery once in a week with a cloth to keep it away from any kind of moisture and dirt to prolong its life.


Extra accessories like music, lights, AC, and others are responsible for making the car weak when you are not driving. Many people keep an AC on, music on and, they keep the lights on which makes the battery weaker.

When you are not driving a car then you should stop using the things because it will be of no use. To make the battery life long avoid using these features of the car when you are not driving.


It’s important to charge your batteries once in a week. When you have lots of work of driving then you should take care of the battery as well. Once in a week when you are free then you should charge the batteries.

Have a charger which should be reliable and long lasting so you can charge your batteries with the help of charger. You can also charge a battery with the help of power bank.


The water level of the battery should be checked twice in a week. If you don’t have enough water in your battery then the possibilities are that your battery will be down soon. You need to invest more in it.

You don’t have to pour normal water in the batteries. You can go to the mechanic and they will guide you about the distilled water.


If your battery is new and still it’s not working properly then you need to go to the mechanic to check the alternator of the car. Due to the problem in your alternator in your car, you may experience the problem in the batteries of the car.

Another reason of weak battery must be over charging. If you have bought new car batteries it may be possible that due to the over-charging battery is not working well.

Past Gridiron Legends

  • Ramond Berry 1984-1989, New England Patriots Head Coach
  • Bill Bradley 1969-1976, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Earl Campbell 1978-1984, Houston Oilers
  • “Mean” Joe Greene 1969-1981, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Aaron Glenn 2002-2004 Houston Texans, 2005-2006 Dallas Cowboys
  • Gerald McNeil 1980-1983 Baylor University, Houston Oilers
  • Bob Moses 1958-1962, University of Texas
  • Don Trull 1963-1969, Houston Oilers
  • Billy “White Shoes” Johnson 1974-1980, Houston Oilers
  • Gabriel Rivera 1979-1983, Texas Tech University
  • Grant Teaff 1972-1992, Baylor University
  • Johnny Roland 1966-1972 St. Louis Cardinals, 1973 New York Giants
  • Sammy Baugh 1937-1952 Washington Redskins
  • Ecomet Burley 1971-1974, Texas Tech University
  • Ken Burrough 1971-1981, Houston Oilers
  • Mickey Herskowitz Sports Journalist, Houston Chronicle and Houston Post
  • Jack Pardee 1987-1994 University of Houston, Houston Oilers Coach
  • Jackie Sherrill 1982-1988 Texas A&M University Coach
  • Dicky Maegle 1952-1955 Rice University


  • Bill Yeoman 1962–1986, University of Houston Head Coach
  • Mike Renfro 1978–1987, Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys
  • Corby Robertson 1966–1968, University of Texas
  • Chris Gilbert 1966–1968, University of Texas
  • Ray Childress 1985–1996, Houston Oilers, Dallas Cowboys
  • Dave Campbell 1960–present, Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine
  • Elvin Bethea 1968–1983, Houston Oilers


  • Lamar Hunt A True Texas Gridiron Legend
  • Kenny Houston 1967–1980, Houston Oilers and Washington Redskins
  • Roosevelt Leaks 1975–1979 Baltimore Colts, 1980–1983 Buffalo Bills
  • Jerry LeVias 1969–1974, Houston Oilers and San Diego Chargers
  • Don Maynard 1958 New York Giants, 1960–1972 New York Titans/Jets, 1973 St. Louis Cardinals
  • G.A. Moore 1962–2004 Texas High School Coach


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The Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas is proud to announce a partnership with Wrangler Retro and Cavender’s Boot City to present the 2011 Gridiron Legends.  This year’s class will be honored at the 2011 Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas on December 31st on-field during halftime.

The Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas has also partnered with Dave Campbell’s Texas Football to honor the Gridiron Legends Texas High School Player of the Year presented by Wrangler Retro and Cavender’s.  Fans, coaches & players can vote throughout the 2011 season exclusively at all Cavender’s retail locations across the state.  Weekly winners will also be recognized through online voting at,,, and  The Gridiron Legends Texas High School Player of the Year presented by Wrangler Retro and Cavender’s will be recognized on-field at the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas featuring the Big Ten and Big 12 conferences on December 31, 2011 at Reliant Stadium.  In addition, one lucky voter will be selected to win a trip to the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas including hotel, airfare, game tickets, pregame sideline passes, and VIP gifts.

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