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How to extend the life of car battery?

Car batteries hold of great importance when you spend most your day in a car for the traveling or work purpose. Many people are tired of the problems regarding the batteries and they don’t know how to get rid of this problem.

We are guiding you about how you can increase the life of a car battery just by following simple steps. You can keep yourself away from the problems.


When you are about to choose the best car battery then make sure that you are inspecting it on the closing level. Make sure that the wiring of the batteries is reliable and you can make it run for the long term use.


When you drive a lot then, of course, you don’t have time to see the car time to time but at the end of the day, it’s important to inspect the battery. You should see the terminals and others parts carefully if they have any kind of corrosion.

It would be great that if you clean your car battery once in a week with a cloth to keep it away from any kind of moisture and dirt to prolong its life.


Extra accessories like music, lights, AC, and others are responsible for making the car weak when you are not driving. Many people keep an AC on, music on and, they keep the lights on which makes the battery weaker.

When you are not driving a car then you should stop using the things because it will be of no use. To make the battery life long avoid using these features of the car when you are not driving.


It’s important to charge your batteries once in a week. When you have lots of work of driving then you should take care of the battery as well. Once in a week when you are free then you should charge the batteries.

Have a charger which should be reliable and long lasting so you can charge your batteries with the help of charger. You can also charge a battery with the help of power bank.


The water level of the battery should be checked twice in a week. If you don’t have enough water in your battery then the possibilities are that your battery will be down soon. You need to invest more in it.

You don’t have to pour normal water in the batteries. You can go to the mechanic and they will guide you about the distilled water.


If your battery is new and still it’s not working properly then you need to go to the mechanic to check the alternator of the car. Due to the problem in your alternator in your car, you may experience the problem in the batteries of the car.

Another reason of weak battery must be over charging. If you have bought new car batteries it may be possible that due to the over-charging battery is not working well.