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Best Blind Spot Mirrors For Automobiles

Blind spot mirrors are one of the important things that you should have in a car. According to reports every year more than 800000 accidents happen because of blind spots. It is actually great that some of the modern vehicles are equipped with blind spot detection facility.

Having blind spot mirrors in your car is one of the easiest and affordable ways to avoid accidents. For people who regularly commute inside crowded cities having blind spot mirrors is a must. In this article, we will see the best blind spot mirrors in the market.

Ampper blind spot mirrors

Ampper is one of the best selling blind spot mirror brands all over the world. It has a clear dominance of sales in both online and physical stores. The mirrors come in both round and square shapes. Among these two the round mirrors are the most preferred ones. The round mirrors have a diameter of two inches. It is very thin and is elegantly designed. It can rotate 360 degrees and come with an adjustable swivel.

Fit system adjustable mirrors

If you are looking out to cut some cost, Fit System would be a perfect choice. They are very cheap because instead of using glass they use plastic.  The mirrors have a diameter of two inches and offer a great wide angle view. The only disadvantage that you have is that the quality of the plastic might degrade due to some extreme weather conditions. For the price that they offer, Fit system is really an amazing product.

Utopicar long design blind spot mirrors

The design of the blind spot mirrors from Utopicar is very unique. The design is very long and gives a good view of the field. The dimensions of the mirror are 5.25 inch to 1.25 inch. It is a bit expensive when compared to the rest in the market. They can be adjusted according to the driver’s comfort, and it comes with a 3M adhesive for installing. The biggest advantage of Utopicar long design is that it offers a wider view when compared to any other blind spot mirror.

Essential contraptions blind spot mirrors

The Essential contraptions blind spot mirrors come in a pack of four. It also has a rust-free aluminum frame. The glass is of high quality, and it does not have in the long run. The mirrors come in a round shape that has a diameter of two inches. It is also easy to install with strong adhesives. Since it has a rust-free aluminum frame, it is highly durable and can last for an extended period of time.

Utopicar semi-oval blind spot mirrors

The dimensions Utopicar semi-oval blind spot mirrors are 2.6 inches by 1.8 inches. They can be easily installed with the 3M outdoor adhesive. You have two options while installing the mirror. You can either make it adjustable, or you can have it fixed. The design is very less convex, and hence it provides a bigger image.