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Stay fit and healthy with the fitness trackers

People who are on diet, tend to feel less active as compared to the people who are keeping an eye on their diet and calories with the help of fitness tracker. Trackers help you stay aware and they keep you active at the time of eating and workout.

Let’s have a look at the top waterproof fitness trackers by through which you can keep an eye on your body and calorie count.


This tracker is suitable for the people who want to lose the weight as soon as possible and who want to keep a record of their activities throughout the day. The look of the tracker is also amazing.

It will help you determine your calorie count, track sleep and your body problem. The battery of the tracker is also reliable for the 6 months and the sophisticated design is good to use anywhere.


This tracker is best for the people who like to surf in the water. You will be able to get this watch in $400. You can consistently check your activity with the help of this tracker, even when you’re on an adventurous tour.

It helps you determine the stats of your body when you’re in the water. It will keep you informed about your body stats and it will help you keep a track of what you’ve done so far.


The best thing about the band is that it can be exchanged with the bracelet if you want. It will continuously help you measure the effects of the water as long as you’re in the water.

You will be able to have this watch in just $80 which is quite convenient. It is easily affordable and it will work for a long time. The battery time of the tracker is also durable.


This tracker is best for the people who are doing a desk job. This is suitable when you sit all the day in office and need something to remind you that it’s time to move and have some walk.

This tracker is going to vibrate after every single hour when you are sitting still and working. The price of the tracker is $145. It will also help in monitoring your heart rate so you can keep a record of your health stats.


This is a one-piece solution for all your tech needs. You can keep an eye on your health, business, phone, and everything with the help of this amazing device. This tracker is expensive and the price range of the Samsung Galaxy gear S2 is $299 – $450.

You can also have a number of applications in it which can help you determine the other important things in your body as well and you will be able to achieve your goal for the day. You can stay fit for a long time and this tracker is a long-term solution for you.