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Tips to avoid common injuries while repairing your car

Having your car repaired is not always on the top of your to-do list. The expenses of hiring a professional mechanic will surely take a great deal of your home budget, so the alternative option is to do it by yourself. However, most of us haven’t had the car repaired before especially not in the more extended period.

If you’re in a bad physical shape or have a history of previous injuries, there’s a likely chance that you’ll face another injury while repairing the car. Having that in mind, here are some tips to avoid common injuries while fixing the car.

Neck Injuries

Untreated neck injury often leads to severe complications. Since the neck takes the most pressure – being the central support for your head – the lack of relaxation affects the tension in your shoulders, arms and back.

The common neck injuries that can happen while you’re repairing your car includes the pain, limited range of motion, muscle spasms, overall weakness or joint stiffness.

The general rule for avoiding neck injuries is to make sure that you have the right head support before you start repairing your car.

Shoulder Injuries

We use arms in most of our daily activities. From heavy lifting to pulling, arms take a lot of external pressure which makes them vulnerable when it comes to car repair. Even if you’re not noticing any problems with your arms or shoulders right now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have when doing a car repair.

Taking the facts into consideration, you need to pay attention to the following shoulder injuries: rugby tackle, bench press, or even inflammatory events. All of these can result in weakness and pain, which will limit your abilities for a car repair.

To avoid shoulder injuries in general, you need to make sure you rest your arms during the day. Avoid heavy liftings whenever it’s possible. If you put too much weight on one shoulder, try to even the pressure by alternating the weight.

Lower Back Injuries

Another common injury that can happen while repairing your car is lower back injuries. Since the most DIY car mechanics are in not so avid physical shape, even the smallest pressure on the lower part of the back can cause recurring
pain problems and issues.

The lower back injuries can be recognized when you make sudden moves or try to kneel down. If you have a previous wound that hasn’t healed, you’ll feel the sharp pain going through the middle of your lower back.

One of the solutions to avoid lower back injuries is to train your glutes and back. Besides usual workout like squats, check out alternative workouts like this treino para glúteos. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Portuguese – the site features a video with the training described in the text.