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What’s Bigger? Football in America or Football (Soccer) in Ireland?

Football is one of the most incredible games that are played all around the world. Fans from different parts of the world gather to see the match of their favorite team. When it comes to talking about where the gathering of football fans will be bigger than the other countries, it gets very difficult to answer the question. In my opinion, it’s not about the countries or nations but it’s all about the fans of the team that is going to play the match.

The football fans are scattered all around the world so you cannot say that the gathering in one country will be greater than the others. However, if the match is between the popular clubs, then you can make an estimate of how many people are going to watch the match. If you’re looking to compare America with the Ireland, the situation will be a bit different.

There are several remarkable factors that can be taken into account to decide that whether the gathering will be bigger in America or Ireland. Let’s take a look at these factors.


If you think that population of a country can help make an estimate that whether the gathering of football match will be bigger in that country or not, then you might be wrong because the bigger population doesn’t mean that the country also has a huge number of fans. If you’re talking about the Manchester United Football match, then gathering would be greater in Ireland as compared to American if you’re making an estimate based on the population of the country.

Similarly, if you’re talking about the Barcelona team, then gathering in America would be bigger than Ireland because America has more Barcelona fans as compared to the Ireland.

Limited budget option

If you consider that fans that don’t have enough budget to go to watch the match of their favorite team, then gathering in Ireland would be bigger than America because Ireland is a less expensive country as compared to the America. Fans with a limited budget would definitely prefer going to Ireland to watch a match instead of America.

Another remarkable thing for football fans is that there are several travel companies that offer Man U tickets (for real Irish fans) when the biggest football event is organized in Ireland while America doesn’t offer such packages.

Places to visit

If you’re talking about the fans that are not only the football lovers but also the passionate travelers, then they would prefer going to America to watch the match of their favorite team because there are lots of places that they can visit and make them a part of their albums. Ireland also has some historical places in but it can’t compare the America in this regard.

America has a combination of several cultures and traditions and it provides you the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the traditions of the world.